What should I do next?

Everyone wakes up every day to face the same unspoken question. “What should I do next?” So many people don’t know how to answer that question effectively. They get distracted. They start work on little projects and problems that don’t move their business forward. They spend all day putting out fires; being reactive instead of proactive. They don’t drive the business. The business drives them. They’ve created a monster. They major in the minors.


A business or project that really shines is one run by a person who can do things in order of importance. It may be totally sub-conscience, but they are able to make sense of every possible “to do” item and they choose to put their time into those actions that drive the business forward. They work upstream. They spend time thinking of what comes next. They don’t allow themselves to be buried in piles of meaningless minutia. They do first things first. And these folks are really fun to watch.

Article by Matty McLain

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