The Voice

James Altucher is a strange brilliant little man. He gave some great advice on How to Build a Platform.

Have an honest voice. Don’t be afraid to say things about either yourself or your industry. Provide unique perspective. If it doesn’t bleed it doesn’t lead. Make sure every post or video you do bleeds from the heart, entertains, and educates. In that order.


How do you get traffic? Blog on bigger sites that aggregate bloggers or podcasts or whatever. It takes time to build up. But sincere voices will always rise to the top.

My hope is that I’m beginning to get somewhat of a grasp on my voice. I’ve had a dozen jobs in the last decade and I’ve wanted to be everything from an airline pilot to a preacher to a public speaker. It’s easy for me to adapt to any job situation. I think its because I love people. And that’s why I love sales. Nevertheless, its hard for anything to hold my attention. Every day I want three things…

  • To learn something new
  • To be challenged
  • To help someone
  • Great Sex

Okay, that’s four.

My point is this- there is almost no career that lights me up with excitement. I’ve done so many things for a living over the years that I’ve literally had to rehearse with my wife on the way to parties. “Honey, what are you going to say when people ask what I do for a living?”

At present there is only one vocation that intimidates me; makes me swallow hard and think there is no way I could ever be THAT. How could I ever make a living? How could I be good enough? How could I compare to so and so. How would I sit at a big dinner party with people I respect and suddenly the conversation all dies down and the host at the other end of the table speaks up too loud and says, “Matty, what do you do?”

Dozens of heads turn from him to me in anticipation. How in the hell would I ever have the confidence to smile at him and audibly respond,

I’m a writer.

Article by Matty McLain

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