Freelancer or Entrepreneur?

Most of the people I work with would call themselves Entrepreneurs. Or at the very least they would refer to themselves as business owners. But that usually isn’t the case. Most of them, in fact, are freelancers.

In a short podcast, Seth Godin was talking about Entrepreneur VS Freelancer.

A few of my notes… ​


Gets paid for his time
Makes the mistake of hiring the cheapest labor for all work (himself)
Only hope is to increase demand for services so he can raise prices
Must leverage others so he can do more billable work (personal assistant, don’t pick up your own laundry, etc)
MAYBE he can expand horizontally with partnerships
He works his ass off, quality and communication with clients goes down
Nobody is left to go chase new business
Gets stuck, Gets frazzled when its busy

A Freelancer grows by doing better work and talking about it (marketing). They also have to delegate EVERY SINGLE TASK that can be done by someone else so they can focus on billable work.

Builds something bigger than herself
Hiring: arrange a constellation of superstars! One of kind. Should be full of prima donnas & divas. Try before you buy. Let them do projects first.

Article by Matty McLain

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