Are you an expert?

Let’s talk about how smart we all think we are.

We’ve gotten so good at hiding behind our job titles. “I’m an attorney.” “I’m a financial planner.” “I’m a lender at XYZ Bank.”

We think we are experts. ​

And a lot of us are experts in our field of study.

Unfortunately nobody cares.

Your customers don’t care because they cannot evaluate expertise in these complex fields; they can’t tell a great legal document, a sharply executed trade, or a thorough debt to equity calculation. Think about it. You don’t even know where your attorney went to law school. Even if you did, can you tell me if she was first in her class or was she dead last? Where did your doctor go to med school? Has he ever been sued for wrongdoing and been found guilty? You don’t know. And you don’t care. Customers don’t care about you. They care about themselves and whether or not you can help them get what they want.

You are selling a relationship.

“Clients are experts in knowing if they feel valued. In most professional services, you are not really selling expertise- because your expertise is assumed, and because your prospect cannot intelligently evaluate your expertise anyway. Instead, you are selling a relationship. And in most cases, that is where you need the most work.” -Selling the Invisible

I want to encourage you to lift your head up for a while and get out of the actual client work. Take some time to think about the experience you are providing for your clients. I know it’s your job to work on projects, file documents, go to meetings and create reports. Yet who in your organization is responsible for giving the customer an outstanding experience? Whose job is it to provide a level of service that clients would tell their friends about? This is also part of your job.

In fact, it’s the most important work there is.

Article by Matty McLain

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